Showing players on the lobby on the invite widget?




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    > Also, if I get this right - the lobby invite widget that you send depends on the activity data that you're currently on?

    > It also says you can be in 5 lobbies, but I'm guessing this means you can't send 5 lobby invites at the same time, because you can only have one activity, and the secret etc depends on the current activity?


    We do actually support multi-activity on the backend. You can, for example, invite someone to play your game or to listen along in Spotify at the same time. I think what you're doing is totally doable and may be more of an implementation question. I'd recommend coming over to for technical help and seeing what we can do!

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  • JumpSuit

    As well as to build onto this OP: The Lobby Voice Widget in the Overlay SHOULD be expanded to display various metadata that IS passed in, lobby type, who the Owner IS, is it private or public, and how many users can be in said lobby in Lobby Voice Widget!!!!

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